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AIRCRAFT ART PRINTS: Vintage World War Two Planes Artworks

AIRCRAFT ART PRINTS: Vintage World War Two Planes Artworks

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These original artworks feature many of the classic aircraft from World War 2. Famous fighter planes such as the British Spitfire and Hurricane featured in the Battle of Britain. The American Mustang and distinctive Lockheed Lightning, and the German Junkers JU87 (Stuka) are also available, as well as other notable aeroplanes including the Lancaster and Wellington bombers.

The artwork has been created using salvaged pages from a vintage dictionary. Each print is therefore unique, as no two pages are the same.

  • Size: 8 x 10 inches

Each print will be trimmed to fit perfectly in an 8 x 10 inch photo frame, as pictured, and will also look fantastic in a larger size frame with a mount.

Please note that the frame is not included in the sale, it is for illustrative purposes only.

If you choose a different size print it will be printed on premium 210gsm matte art paper. Only the 8 x 10" option will be printed on a genuine recycled dictionary page.

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